Young Toddlers

At Kids Crossing, our Young Toddlers start learning basic classroom routines, developing basic social skills and enjoying a variety of learning experiences. We help them develop a sense of self-awareness and learn about their rapidly changing environment as they develop the skills required to deal with these exciting new changes in their lives.

Each child has individualized lessons and goals that enhance their basic knowledge and skills. This classroom is their first introduction to our Toddler curriculum where they will learn about circle time, playtime with age appropriate educational toys, imitating and pretending, stories and books, connecting with music and movement, creating art, sign language, small and gross motor skill activities and exploring the outdoors. The combination of these activities provides the perfect atmosphere for growing minds and a seamless transition into our Toddler program.

Each of our classrooms has an open door policy which encourages parents to be an active part of their child’s care and learning. Parents are welcome throughout the day to just observe, to interact with their child in the classroom, or with notice, to join us for lunch.

Kids Crossing Early Learning Center
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