Our Philosophy

At Kids Crossing, our philosophy is unique because we are committed to providing high quality child care and learning based on Christian values. We believe children thrive best in an atmosphere of Christian love, care, trust and respect which includes:

  • Using positive and reinforcing words
  • Modeling positive interactions
  • Using a calm voice
  • Supervising children to ensure they stay safe and engaged
  • NEVER threatening or physically mishandling a child
  • Encouraging questions
  • Developing a stimulating curriculum
  • Communicating at the child’s level
  • Encouraging problem solving skills and communication between children
  • Praising good work and behavior

Those values form the foundation for our daily activities and child guidance techniques. Our teachers love reminding children that Jesus loves them no matter what so we should love and care about each other, too. These principles are the building blocks as children learn to socialize with their peers.

Child Guidance Techniques
If a child is crying, fussing or distraught, teachers will first make sure that all his or her needs are met, including diapering, feeding, sleep and stimulation. If it is just not a happy time for that child, our teachers will provide a different situation for the child to engage in. Administrative staff will always be available to remove children from a stressful situation or to extend a helping hand.

Kids Crossing Early Learning Center
734 Holy Cross Way
Madison, WI 53704
Phone: 608-249-3101
Email: kidscrossing@holycrossmadison.org