At Kids Crossing, our Preschool classroom provides intellectual stimulation and structured learning opportunities along with individualized goals. We continue to work on mastering toilet training and the concepts of learning in an engaging and educational way. Our methods provide children with firsthand experiences with people, places, and things. Daily indoor and outdoor exercises help keep children physically active and fit while they develop their large and small muscles.

Children learn basic reading and writing skills and recognize the sounds that letters make. Daily conversations about the weather, days of the week, numbers, people, and books help each child develop the ability to vocalize important preschool facts. The structure in this classroom focuses on the children working in rotations while participating in fine motor activities, reading, writing, sensory, science, and mathematical experiences. We provide them many opportunities to socialize and to use their imagination through dramatic play and arts and crafts. Music is explored daily with activities such as rhythm, song, dance, use of instruments, and rhymes. All of these activities provide our students with a strong foundation in preparation for pre-kindergarten.

Please provide the following items for your child. A more detailed list can be found in your enrollment folder:

  • Blanket or Sleeping Bag
  • Change of Clothing
  • Family Photo

Lead Teacher, Rachel Koschnitzke

Hello! My name is Rachel Koschnitzke, I attended Holy Cross Lutheran School from 2nd grade through 8th and have been a member of the church since that time.  My teachers at Holy Cross inspired me to pursue a teaching degree.  They did a wonderful job forming me into a respectful child of God, which has guided me throughout my life.  My goal for this upcoming year is to manage my classroom in a way that is Christ centered and provides a positive environment.  I have many years of experience in a preschool setting, including a local center in Cottage Grove WI, as well as a preschool on campus while I attended Martin Luther College in Minnesota. I am a graduate with a degree specific to Early Childhood Education and am a newlywed to Holy Cross’ new 7-8th grade teacher Joel Koschnitzke.  I am an asset to Holy Cross with a strong excitement for teaching, eagerness to form relationships, and a wealth of knowledge with regard to Developmental Milestones, behavior, and teaching.

I look forward to meeting with you and working with your families goals to make the upcoming year the best yet!

Kids Crossing Early Learning Center
734 Holy Cross Way
Madison, WI 53704
Phone: 608-249-3101