At Kids Crossing, the mission of our Pre-Kindergarten classroom is to provide a diverse and challenging environment so each child has the opportunity to become an enthusiastic and independent student. We recognize that children learn in different ways, therefore we teach and work with each child as a unique individual to help him/her become a successful lifelong learner. In this classroom we teach using the 4K Benchmarks for Development and Learning. Our program follows a play-based curriculum and we support our students as they grow in:

  1. Social and Emotion Development
    1. Emotional Development
    2. Self Concept
    3. Self Competence
  2. Health and Physical Development
    1. Physical Health and Development
    2. Motor Development
    3. Sensory Organization
  3. Multi-faceted Approaches to Learning
    1. Curiosity, Engagement, and Persistence
    2. Creativity and Imagination
    3. Diversity in Learning
  4. Language Development and Communication
    1. Listening and Understanding
    2. Speaking and Communicating
    3. Early Literacy
  5. Cognition and General Knowledge
    1. Exploration, Discovery and Problem Solving
    2. Mathematical Thinking
    3. Scientific Thinking

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